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The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is the joint festival of the City of Roxas and the Province of Capiz. It is a mixed festival in that it is celebrated for both cultural and religious reasons. It is celebrated every first weekend of December in commemoration of the Feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate Concepcion who also happens to be the patroness of the City of Roxas. Sinadya sa Halaran boasts of colorful activities like the grand parade of festivals, the fluvial parade, the lighted river floaters. There is also the traditional seafood festival and the grand pyrotechnic display.

Sinadya sa Halaran - is one of Roxas City’s most important annual events and is fusion of two festivals – “Sinadya” (City) and “Halaran” (Province) which literally means joy in sharing and thanksgiving. It is celebrated on December 4-8 to commemorate the religious activities that embody the true Capiceño spirit. The highlights of the celebration are the Dancing Parade, ”Higantes”, Fluvial Parade, Fireworks display, Mutya sa Halaran beauty pageant, Coronation of the Fiesta Queen, and Agri-Aqua Trade Fair.

O, Capiz, duog nga hamili, dunang manggad sang Diyos pinili. Kadagatan mo kag kabukiran, pagatatapon imo ng kabuganaan…” The lyrics of the song which is written in Hiligaynon undeniably express the living spirit of a true-blooded Capiznon. “O, Capiz, ” as the title says, is the official hymn of Capiz which is now regularlky heard during flag ceremonies, programs, convocation and other socio- cultural events held in the province. It is the most recent hymn to be added in our tradition.
You must be wondering why Philippines have different hymns because they are definitelly not futile. To this, our haven is no exception. For a province like Capiz, possesing richness of resources , culture and tradition, it is good to know through a hymn, we can wipe out the ‘Aswang Identity’ tagged to us little by little, we can show our natural wealth to everyone… 

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